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The advantages of using Instagram:


it is free to set up and use. Krake (2005) also said that creativity is

if the resources are scarce and when you use InstagramInstagram or any social media platformInstagram

creativity is an essential element in the transmission of core values ​​and a strong brand through the image.

Aim'n managed to be creative because their photos have a lot of thought and effort

behind them and their users interpret the images and feelings get in the way

the company expected. In addition, the objective of investing instagramme is the most precious resource they

haveInstagram which is the time and Instagram is actually time consuming. Time and effort both

necessary to portray the core values ​​that dansstagram Aim'n highlights in pictures. As

Karjalainen and Snelders (2010) argued that the design as part of the brand message should be

linked to the heart of the brand gains Instagram is done by Aim'N. The company analyzes and evaluates

his group constantly target to know what type of photos to share and what attributes

they should understand. These actions are supported by that Miles (2014) said to be

beneficial regarding the target group of a company within the customer to look and

work actively to increase the number of followers, especially in the beginning.

Aim'n believed Instagram was a very powerful marketing channel when they started àstagram

because of the amount of users could be achieved effectively and efficiently. Objective highlighted

a good network of contacts could be beneficial for a start increasing again

growth. This is connected to what Miles (2014) said come on InstagramInstagram

it is necessary to have a strong profile in order to increase the credibility and power

growth and success. In addition, The instagramme Aim'n also noted a positive correlation between

photos they post and the product with the biggest sale of the day.

Aim'n consists of two innovative entrepreneurs who recognized that special and fun

workout clothes were missing on the market and Berton et al. (2008) WHO

according to them, SMEs have features such as a spirit entreprisesinstagram flexibilitéinstagram and spirit innovationinstagram

we can say that the objective is not just that. The founders are flexible in the sense that

they were in different parts of the world during the creation of the company. They were also innovative

to the extent that they could recognize the lack of products on the market.

Krake (2005) Instagram Lukács (2005) and Kay (2006) added that the contractor and brand are

strongly connectedanstagram which is also the case with the founders of Aim'nstagram as they designed and

they have developed their products from their own perspective and their own interests.

One of the reasons why they have an Instagram account is to sell

However, their products dansstagram their intention is also to share inspiration and motivation. To have

Forty one

an Instagram account connected to a website is not as unique and Miles (2014) says

are many brands to engage in this type of marketing to drive traffic to their

site. FurthermoreInstagram another correlation society point of view is that the focus

the groups did not perceive the client as pushing for salesintagram but provide a sense and an inspiration dansstagram

that groups feel positive.

5.2.1 On the Instagram account Aim'n

Salzer-Morling and Strannegård (2004) argue that it is essential to show the visual attributes

the brandInstagram however, Instagram in the first phase of the Instagram Aim'n company had no products

or samples to show. ThereforeInstagram they posted pictures taken before the foundation of the company in

rather to show the feeling of the brand and the latest photos of the products.

That Aim'n published photos of activities dansstagram with or without their products dansstagram intended

encourage an active lifestyle aligns with arguments Phillips et al. (2014) and

Karjalainen and SneldersInstagram (2010) on the visual brand and the ability to create and

building the brand identity. The qualitative study highlighted a challenge:

it has come to start a new account on InstagramInstagram namely to gain followers. Miles (2014) Instagram

provides activities that can be done to increase the number of suiveursinstagram to factInstagram

Objective uses these suggestions to be socially active especially within the company


In addition, the study showed that the well Aim'n manages several actions through its

Instagram accountInstagram including the thinking behind the slogan and postsInstagram who is online

with features suggested by Miles (2014). FurthermoreInstagram to have a slogan that is interesting

and pleasure can contribute to brand recognition by customers (Karjalainen & SneldersInstagram

2010) as in the case Instagram OF Aim'n where focus groups included the slogan in the

way. As one participant said: "When I looked itInstagram, this is more than aim for something Could be.

target or goal. A sort of cross between the two "(personal communicationInstagram 2015-04-01) correlates this Instagram

with what purpose does he deliver Instagram as they say that the slogan is intended to

the feeling that nothing is impossible and you can achieve your goals. Building on the

the slogan implies the feeling that anything is possible dansstagram a notion that is supported by that

6 participant said (personal communicationInstagram 2015-04-08) Instagram "I would say that you should not be

adventurous, but I think you're feeling a little more adventurous have on. "The same participant

Aim'N added that shows the possibilities and opportunities on the account showing that you


can do what you want to do. Another factor that is managed according with Instagram

what is suggested by Miles (2014) Instagram displays photos of good quality. Objective hears

take pictures of good quality and good brightness dansstagram they still add color and attractive funds

to attract the attention of viewers.

Focus groups have listed many features that, in their opinion, rather than describing the accountInstagram

what the company does. Although the company has not described their account with the

same features as mentioned by focus groups, it is clear that the account of mediator

that the company intends to convey. The company strives to publish photos that are encouraging

and inspiring and based on the response of focus groups as part of Aim'n was successful

in their efforts àstagram participants described the account as positive àstagram strong àstagram happyInstagram inspiration.

However, a difficulty has been recognized by The Aim'n having as main Instagram

channel marketing said it was difficult to track all customer feedback. FurthermoreInstagram

you can not choose the followers or control what is commented on Instagram pictures

Aim'n that exposes the risk of attracting bad followers and draw negative

attentionInstagram in turn resulting in inefficient distribution of the brand. HoweverInstagram ago

ways to fight against commentsInstagram Purpose n'réponses to make statements against cyber bullying or

in some cases, removes comments that they do not want to be associated. As Goal

feels strong against cyberbullying this could be a problem regarding their increase

growth. To support the thanks of the study mentioned by Avery and Fournier (2011)

group training and criticism should be something to be wary of social media platforms.

5.3 The identity prism brand

For this part of the analysisInstagram brand identity prism was used dansstagram and according to Kapferer

(2012) marks can exist only if they are communicated, and as has been mentioned earlier in this stagram

that the model is based on. To analyze communication in different parts of untagramme

reflectionInstagram self-imageInstagram personalityInstagram physiqueInstagram culture and the relationship that are presentedInstagram

are further divided into two categories: the perception of the sender by the recipient and gateway concepts.

The researchers of this view believe that the model can improve analysis and

since the qualitative study was partly based on the framework itInstagram, it is reasonable to be consistent in explaining

the communication process. Finalyinstagram Kapferer (2012) and Kotler (1982) explain Instagram


that behind any communication there are two parts called sender and recipient with

a message transmitted and interpreted. To view the results related to the

Brand identity Kapferer prismInstagram the researchers applied the figure now

and discussion groups, and it is shown in Figure 5.1.

Figure 5.1 Aim'n identity of the mark applied to the prism

5.3.1 reflection and recipient self-image perception

Aim'n wanted his clients to be considered confidants in stagram outstanding in the active and unstoppable stagram

women. Kapferer (2012) described as reflect the typical customer how Instagram

hopes that other people are watching them with the product, that is to say the output of the customer

mirror. The focus groups were more or less the same perception that the desires OF Aim'n; youngInstagram

trendyInstagram athleticInstagram fashionInstagram confidentInstagram Attention seeker. However, focus groups wanted

describe the targeted client instead of the typical oneInstagram which is a common mistake when

identify this facet according to Kapferer (2012). We could distinguish the fireplace

groups had recognized the customer wants to be seen as a way of

fashionable person instead of remarkable and unstoppable dansstagram was that the company was

Forty four

aiming for. The focus groups concluded that the women are not all typical client because:

The extraordinary designInstagram although Aim'n said their client group is very broad and

they have something that suits everyone.

ContrariwiseInstagram Kapferer (2012) explained the self-image as the internal mirror customer dansstagram

which gives a greater sense of "who I am" and "how I feel" due to own a product

a brand. Aim'n said his clothing range is developed to give the customer the impression

happy during exercise. In addition, the clothing should contribute to a sense of motivation.

and inspiration while stimulating the client to be active and engage in sports adventures.

The focus groups discussed how it feels when wearing clothes

Aim'ninstagram which resulted to feel special and Instagram coolInstagram look good because of the happy colors

which also contributed to a greater sense of confidence and adventure.

One could say that the company has managed to deliver the feeling customers successfully

since align.

Self-image and reflection help to define the recipient (Kapfererstagram 2012) Instagram and these parties indicate

the company faces a certain type of people and they managed

quite deliver a message "that you should be" and "how people look at you" when

wear Aim'N products.

5.3.2 Physical and personality - the sender's picture

Kapferer (2012) described the facet of the personality as What types of the human characteristics

the brand has gradually through communication chosen by the company. The

founders gave Aim'n quality to be any girl who can identify with being happyInstagram

friendlyInstagram joyfulInstagram politeInstagram fighting for something and also has dreams to reach

goal. It was raised that Aim'n not a single voice for their brandInstagram

but many. It is an active choice by the company because of the wide distribution of the target

group to still be able to attract and offer something to each ordinary girl. Kapferer

(2012) have argued that customers identify with the brand with personality

traitsInstagram either turn into the spokesman or not understand the concept; in

last caseInstagram the customer then does not belong to the target group. Objective Client

the group is very large and brand personality traits are more généraliséadinstagram allowing

many customers to identify with Aim'N.

Forty five

On the contraryInstagram Kapferer (2012) explained the physical facet of the prism as the

main features of the brand identity. These features should include added value in both systems .;

appearance and otherwise fonctioninstagram brand is considered insufficient (Kapfererstagram


Participants in the focus groups discussed the characteristics of brandInstagram including:

the two value systems:

The Appearance Of Function

· · Inspiring Young

* Girly * comes with a wide and flexible range of use

· Colorful · High emphasis on health

Haute couture · · For many types of girls

* Attractive * International

* Pleasant · feel good about exercising

· * Dear look good by exercising

Kapferer (2012) stated that the physical and personality convey the sender and identitéinstagram

that communication creates an image of the sender and transmits to its customers. Usually

the client has no difficulty describing the person wearing the brand. Feature

this goal is that their brand is and how focus groups including their

identity traits consistent. The researchers acknowledged that

focus groups perceived the products as high quality, even though the only experience

participants had the products was through the photos on Instagram.

5.3.3 relationship and Culture

Kapferer (2012) refers to the relationship as what the brand does for its customers. Main

recognition by the focus groups was the feeling of unity and family when they felt the establishment

a But'n community. Another recognition was the friendship that the focus

group participants felt that Aim'n stood with his followers and clients and dansstagram

Other actions recognized by the discussion groups are special offers and salesInstagram

competitions they Printing To have often organized. Another recognition was that objective

Forty six

must be active and relevant in commentariesInstagram and it was also concluded by the

the focus groups as important because of the contribution of a good atmosphere. When it came to

participants themselves and if they were active on low accountInstagram activity has been shown.

Overall, they check especially the flow of the news Aim'N on Instagram and if they have a

concern they would use the website to askInstagram rather than commenting on a picture on Instagram.

As Kapferer (2012) explained the importance of the meaning behind it would produtinstagram

Were not enough to simply provide Aim'n products that have a customer

high degree of fashionInstagram it is important that it really means something to wear

product. As with On Aim'ninstagram where the founders explained that their products

should contribute to a sense of motivation in the inspiration and encouragement of a

their products. FurthermoreInstagram Kapferer (2012) stressed the importance of sharing

values ​​and idéesinstagramme since showed that there is an increased demand for service

on the part of customers. This is due to the fact that many customers understand the problem

high consumption, and does not lead to happiness. Focus groups highlighted

the high price of products Aim'n dansstagram, implying either that only a specific type of client

is able to buy the products or the consumption of sportswear Aim'n be prevented.

The values ​​Aim'n tried to provide through their Instagram account has been verified

the discussion in the focus groups. Most discussed were inspiring and the use of

products in many different types of sporting activities. One participant stated

that just because of the positive feeling that she got the accountInstagram she considered buying

Aim'N products. According to their ideology, Aim'n organized events and camps

order for customers to come together danstagram connect and exchange ideas and personal preferences.

The goal with the camps and events is more than creating a meeting point but stagram

in addition to motivating girls to try new things. HenceInstagram showing on experience

Instagram account aim'N they invite other fans to join and be part

the next event.

Kapferer (2012) stated that the cultural aspect of the model is the most essential element of enstagramme because

it could be considered the glueInstagram keep all the other parts together. Core values

On the objectives are quite transparent and can be identified through the products they

provide and the activities they organize stagram all that is evident on Instagram. All to47

getherInstagram Aim'n aspiration is to create a strong culture within the company

to deliver values ​​to attract potential customers and thus affect you

with a sense of belonging to the brand. Aim'n uses Instagram to mediate

values ​​and attract new followers and new customers to join their community. HoweverInstagram

to retain the fans who continue to support the brandInstagram, a relationship must be created.

5.4 communicating identity and branding

Figure 5.2 the communication process applied to Aim'n

The researchers incorporated the results of the qualitative study in the model presented.

in Figure 5.2 above, Instagram in order to simplify and explain the connection between

brand identity and brand image. The model is compressed and shows the different

parties involved in the communication of a message. The left side of the figure shows Aim'n

the identity of the brand and with Instagram mentioned as the mediator or the platform

delivers the message to the recipient Aim'N dansstagram that is displayed on the other side of the model.

The client then interprets the message and refers to it as branding. this interpretation

may be affected in different ways due to external or internal circumstances unstagramme, that is to say


Miles (2014) stressed the importance of knowing your followers and says that

they try to keep abreast of their target group. Complementary Kotler (1982))


stressed the importance of knowing your target group. This allows to transmit Aim'n

a message that is understood by their followers because they know they can include

and avoid the message. AlthoughInstagram Kotler and Keller (2009) reported that the noiseInstagram

interruptions dansstagram conditions are not always avoidable and if traders are aware of their

the target group and how it decodes the messagestagramme misinterpretation of stagramme noisestagramme or may not occur.

Through research and understanding, Aim'n can have a more effective exchange

with the customer. FurthermoreInstagram effective communication is necessary for the Goal to express

their values ​​so that customers have the opportunity to share the minstagram Nandan (2005)

said the share of value must be done correctly dansstagram otherwise it may bring the brand to

fail. However, the study in this thesis has not presented a detailed process

how Aim'n actually planning its marketing communications.

To establish a community is a strategy for social media activities is suggested by dansstagram

Avery and FournierInstagram (2011) and Miles (2014) however Instagram collected data does not explicitly show

that goal had such a strategy. That said, Aim'n uses specific keywords into his motives

collaborationsInstagram and images that indicate unity in their field dinstagram everything was recognized

by focus groups. In addition, participants in the focus groups recognized

that goal nt special activities for their clients and followers and is very active

account on Instagram. As the supported Avery and Fournier (2011) and Yan (2011) Instagram communities

social media can publicize the brandInstagram which can cause a feeling of unitystagram and

this is what happened in the case of Objective according to participants of the focus

group. This means that customers and users are key players in the company due to the fact

they interpret the messages that are sent by companiesInstagram which is also declared by

Kozak et al. (2012) and Kuksov et al. (2013). Aim'n is aware that its customers are

part of their society and their relationship with their followers.

To create a long-term relationship between a company and its suivantsinstagram Roy

and Banerjee (2008) stated that the identity and branding must be incorporated.

The two concepts are indeed affected by Aim'n and they explained that they evaluate and

accentuate what they publish and communicate on Instagram and also what they want to be

associated with. Focus groups supported the general impression that wanting

time and effort to communicate pleasant and inspiring images on Instagram.


6 Conclusion

The following section is intended to achieve the objective of this thesis and answer the research question. he

conclude what has been discussed in chapter of the analysis and provide the results and drive

possible solution of the research question. Finally, a discussion that includes a contribution and a proposal for

further research in the field will be presented.

What has been explored and studied throughout this thesis is how Instagram works like

a mediator between brand identity and brand image for SMEs. our research

Instagram shows is a potential tool to be used for marketing purposes and

messages it is possible to transmit the company's values. This thesis shows that marketing

through a visual approach as Instagram could be powerful. Obviously we can represent

more attributes in an image than expected forInstagram that could be because the message is

interpreted by the viewer, who is impartial.

If a company has a focus on their target group and researched itInstagram can with

appropriate images that are attractive to the specific target group for a similar brand

for the identity of the brand. Furthermore, if one focuses on creating a solid relationship and long-term

with customers through comments and pictures Instagram hashtagsInstagram can build trust and

and receive the faithful with a better understanding of the brand. The creation of

relationships via Instagram allows you to be more personal and allows customers to identify

in the same way, the two sides reached agreement on a number of points.

This implies that it is possible to bring the identity and image of the brand


In addition, if a company has thought through the basic values ​​in short, it can communicate

these brand values ​​through photos on InstagramInstagram as long as one is and coherentInstagram

one can thus connect with followers. The study shows Qu'Aim'n manages to provide

their core values ​​successfully and inspiration is one of the most repeated words through

étudeinstagramme this implies that their culture is well communicated. LastlyInstagram by engagementstagram

spentInstagram time effort and commitment for planifiéinstagram well structured and high quality images

can reduce the risk of misinterpretation.


6.1 Discussion

Research shows that a good image on Instagram communicate the core values ​​of a company on Instagram

in addition, it attracts followers and contributes to the success of a company. To provide

such an image requires time and effort and if done correctly dansstagram customers can eg

get quality printing with Instagram. As seen in the case OF Aim'n

and where their potential customers understand the products are of high quality. in additionInstagram

This study showed that having solid core values ​​and defined in a

the company is important.

In weighing the evidence, it seems that the different facets of the brand identity prism

has been sent and received successfully in the case OF Aim'N. It seems likely

that culture and relationship are the essentials when it comes to the brand of a company

identity. Moreover, the corporate culture could be the most crucial aspect for the success of a company under

it is evident in other facets and this is what seems to unite a company. The

On the fundamental values ​​Aim'n cater to many customers as they include recognizable ideals

indicate a strong relationship with their customers can be established. The founders of

Aim'n discovered situations in everyday life that customers have in common

this allows them to easily connect with their users and to communicate their brand identity

through Instagram. Also search showed that Instagram is a cost solution

Effective marketing for SMEs.

6.1.1 Contribution

The contribution of this study is first and foremost additional research on the application

InstagramInstagram which is important because previous research are limited. Despite this research

is based on a case study with a entrepriseinstagram researchers consider the results

about the identity of the brand should be useful for other SMEs. Hence Instagram SMEs within the same

industry who have the same aspirations to increase brand awareness on Instagram

can use this search. Other SMEs can therefore learn from the way Aim'n uses Instagramstagram.

how they transmit their brand identity and how they build their brand through

Media. HenceInstagram many of the achievements of this thesis can be applied by other

SMEs. The researchers believe that the study contributed to research

about branding in SMEs.

Instagram is one of the most popular Mobile Photo Instagram video sharing application Instagram is a new way to share photos online through social media sites Instagram is a great way to make or meet new friends Instagram We will find many friends we have the Instagram Instagram fantastic time we will be relaxed Instagram We can share photos of our favorite food or pets and we can talk with each other easily. Instagram is one of today's most popular platforms that allows sharing photos online and social networks Instagram he published in 2010 Instagram Instagram currently has 100 million

You can take a picture or video and then post Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram is easy It is a beautiful and fun Instagram fast way to share your life with friends and family Instagram you can even share on Facebook Twitter Instagram Instagram Tumblr and this is a new way of seeing the world. It increases the artistic ability by taking photos Instagram improves communication with people Instagram friends lists On Instagram obtain increased professional network also increases Who Is useful Instagram and you can exchange information with friends and family in an original way .

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Business owners can buy Instagram Instagram Instagram followers to business owners using Instagram must ensure they produce professional images of their products or services and to give the right message to their audience.

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The images are used in visual marketing Instagram they are very important in marketing Affairs On Instagram for each product Business Instagram images help easy for the customer to know the product and Instagram Instagram seller should know how to provide much information as images instead of simple text information.

On Instagram The best feature is the high visibility On Instagram post where each post images may appear in the newsfeed or house of Instagram followers strategic hashtags also allow the On Instagram capacity to give an impact to messages new users or followers.

The company can start by Instagram and have a small community of customers and it will grow rapidly Instagram the product vendor can handle a real attitude of the customer normal buyer at a Regular or Instagram Instagram customer buyer can connect with the target audience .

Post pictures and videos has never been so exciting and thrilling until we received permission Instagram to just be outside with our stories and moments to share the willingness of other millions of users on the network. It started as a fun activity and hobby for many, but now it turned out to be a fantastic way to connect with users and customers from all over. Those with more than a million followers must have talent. To maintain such an attention-seeking user in unagramme requires a lot in terms of aesthetics creative effort in unagramme time and patience. NowInstagram why we all strive to

1. Can make money for you

Many followers are more likely to attract more usersInstagram and exposure to random users helps you get the attention of advertisers. Today, brands of various fashion products and lifestyle want to reach customers through various means. And as you become someone who has thousands of followersInstagram he qualifies to become an advertiser or endorser for their productInstagram indirectly. This is how you start making money. In factInstagram many young talented minds have now taken this as a full-time job to win.

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3. Helps you to gain more customers

For Instagram Instagram Instagram account business is now the most direct form of communication with clients. When you become popular among young utilisateursinstagram a potential customer is already being created. More and more audience increases and expansion of customer happens automatically.

4. Push an endless cycle of multiplying followers

The demographics of your audience or suiveursinstagram, similar interest groups are involved in your updates. Regular practice of commitment leads them to become one of suivantsinstagram and more people sharing the same ideas ken to the particular topic to start taking an interest. The result is a multiplication of believers or user bases. You can also buy Instagram Followers for your account to get results quickly.

5. Traffic on the website improves

If you exist on Instagram with some powerful messages and URLs to excite audienceInstagram, it will certainly take users to the home page or the website you have been promoting or working towards.

6. The list of subscribers is growing

To work strategically to expand the scope of other social channels such as your YouTube channel. Instagram is one of the most effective toolsInstagram you can post channel links with the image or in the bio messages. It's an interesting way to introduce new aspects and to launch new video looking for more views.

7. Become a tendency on the network

You never know if you win popularityInstagram a trend can be your name too. It is getting more views and to have more attention from genuinely interested. SoInstagram the formula is the same, but sometimes it clicks right away if you have successfully added hashtags and lucky enough.

8. ads can improve online sales

For all online market Instagram Instagram is a powerful way to convert users into customers. According to researchInstagram a third of the user base is using the application to buy onlineInstagram with a range of non-Instagram users entering.

9. A business account can be more useful

If you have an increased number of suiveursinstagram a business point of view he suggested to turn your personal account in a business account as it unlocks many effective features to explore.

10. Help you reach for the customer

With more than adding numbers in continuouslyInstagram it reached a point where the demographic data is not a restriction. It goes rather beyond the limits and involves usersInstagram that have not been identified or could not be imagined achieve with a small number of Followers. Huge numbers push the limits and increase the possibilities.

Instagram introduced in 2016. Corporate profile Since then, many companies have chosen to change their Instagram account of a personal profile with a company profile.

The change seemed inevitable dansstagram with Instagram now being held by Facebook. In many ways, Instagramstagram acts as an extension of FacebookInstagram emphasizing the visual element Instagram and this is especially true for business accounts and advertising.

There was some resistance to this change. Many companies have noticed that their Facebook pages had less range than their personal Facebook profiles. They feared that the same thing happens with Instagram. In practice, however, is not stagram stigmatized as a Instagram.

Company profile it is a Facebook Page. If you continue to share quality material through your Instagram AccountInstagram, it is unlikely to see a reduction of the organic range.

This does not mean that you should avoid having a Facebook Page for your businessInstagram howeverInstagram as running a Facebook page is a requirement to be able to convert to a Corporate Instagram profile.

You lose two features when you convert to a company profile Instagram though:

1. The ability to make your private messages

2. The ability to link to multiple Facebook profiles - instead, you connect your Instagram account on your company Facebook page

In realityInstagram although these features may be of value to a personal account Instagram they would have little if any use for Instagram account business wanting to sell Instagram which is probably why Instagram removed them.

The reasons to use an Instagram account are usually very different for a company than for an individual - even an individual entrepreneur. You use your Instagram account to show personal aspects of your life with your friends and family. A company manages its Instagram account to help build a audienceInstagram and, hopefully, win customers. If you are in businessInstagram you can always run a personal account for your business.

With over 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users Instagram has come a long way since its inception in 2010Instagram and companies are starting to take notice.

Mark ZuckerbergInstagram CEO FacebookInstagram saw so much potential in the platform and benefits On Instagram he bought only 18 months after it launched for $ 1 billionInstagram and the platform continued to grow since.

Companies have begun to respond increasingly to platformInstagram growing rapidly and if you analyze the top 100 brands in the world Instagram 90% of them have an Instagram account.

With so many brands and companies on InstagramInstagram àstagram you can think "there must be some incentive for them to use InstagramInstagram consistently, but is it really fair to post some cool photos of their brand ?"

Not quite.

As demonstrated by some of the biggest brands in the world (as well as some of the small and medium enterprises with which LYFE Marketing works ! Instagram there are several clear methods to generate leads salesInstagram and more via Instagram.

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The On Instagram Instagram users used to buy a product onlineInstagram, making them 70% more likely to do so than users not Instagram.

Now in unstagram, analyze a little. We mentioned above that there is 800 million monthly active users on InstagramInstagram, so that there would be at least 266Instagram666Instagram667. On Instagram users have used Instagram to buy a product online !

Before diving into the other benefits of Instagram and its user baseInstagram we wanted to emphasize the volume of potential customers who are just waiting to interact with your brand. Not only followers; these are people who have a purchase history on Instagram platform. Their next purchase on Instagram could be your company !

In addition to this 75% of Instagram users FOR Instagram Instagram taking measures such as visiting a website webinstagram after watching an Instagram post advertising.

NowInstagram an advertisement Instagram (Instagram or advertisement) is different from an organic message you publieriez on your Instagram account. An Instagram advertising is a post that you sponsor with advertising dollars so that it reaches more people.

This statistic indicates that 75% of Instagram users take action on these as adsInstagram now by clicking on the shop or contact us buttons. Even if these people do not buy on the first clickInstagram action is still valid because you can re-target with Instagram ads from this point until they buy !

2. The advertising platform Instagram has access to targeting options to advertise on the most advanced social media

Now that we have established the number On Instagram users there and the likelihood that they are buying Instagram talk about how to leverage this data to your advantage.

As previously Instagram Instagram was acquired by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg few years ago. With this, the capacity On Instagram Instagram quickly expanded to begin to match the capabilities of Facebook. Facebook is known for having one of the most advanced social media advertising platforms. You can tell people by ageInstagram dansstagram behaviorInstagram interests and location on FacebookInstagram which means that you can now do the same on Instagram.

What this means for youInstagram is that you can refer to your specific target audience in 266Instagram666Instagram667 Instagram users who are already likely to buy.

Besides the cold targeting options listed above Instagram Instagram has the same targeting capabilities that Facebook !

HereInstagram Cold targeting refers to people who have never seen or heard of your brand and your business before. They are cold and need to be "hot" to become a buyer and we hope to repeat the buyer.

Refocus mean target again people who have already seen or heard of your brand and your business.

The most common form of focus is to target visitors to your website who have not yet made a purchase (or filled out a contact form to minstagram or completed any action you want them to take on your site). Instagram offers this and more !

You can create custom audiences based on refocusing Instagram post engagementInstagram email client listsInstagram Video views Instagram and more.

You would be surprised to learn that other social media platforms that have been established for much longer Instagram simply do not have some of the targeting capabilities that Instagram now.

Having these options allows you to take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level and implement a specific sales funnel with your Instagram ads to get more results.

3. Sales and prospects are traceable via Instagram ads so you can see the clear ROI

On Instagram This benefit may seem obvious dansstagram, but you'd be surprised the number of companies investing in platforms without measuring the efficiency !

Since Instagram Ads Manager uses the same platform as FacebookInstagram it has all the same monitoring capabilities that Facebook has.

You can see all of clicksInstagram link leads to conversionsInstagram and you can see the cost per outcome on any campaign you run.

This means that according to the objective or goal that you measure dansstagram, you can always see how many results you have achieved and at what cost.

In addition to this Instagram, you can break down the results that you get to see who or where they come from (ie what genreinstagram what rank any age Instagram régioninstagram any device etc.).

Having this knowledge allows us to understand where your money will be invested.

At LYFEInstagram we always have a / b split testing ads, and ad games for our clients. A / B split testing means run a bunch of different ads at the same time to see who will perform the best. We also test these ads in different ad groups to see what target audience + combination of advertising will provide our customers the best results at the lowest cost per outcome.

The analytical skills and follow Instagram are what make the testing efforts A / B split not only worth itInstagram but also high efficiency.

Follow-up actions are one of the most important benefits On Instagram. It is important to clearly see what all advertising and advertising brings in most revenue Instagram and business owners can see this with Instagram ads.

4. Instagram distinguish the personal profiles of professional profiles

As FacebookInstagram differentiates Instagram accounts personal accounts and business accounts.

If you turn your account dansstagram business account, you will unlock a world of features to help promote your business. Some of these features include a call to action button for your page visitorsInstagram the ability to promote your messages with ad dollarsInstagram Account and access to previews.

It also provides Instagram users a clear understanding that the page is owned by a company and not just personal Instagram page.

Make this adjustment allows you to configure your account to successfully reap the benefits On Instagram.

5. On the basis of users Instagram allows you to tap into a customer base by unattainable elsewhere

We mentioned earlier that there are 500 million On Instagram users who are active on the platform at least once a day and at least 266Instagram666Instagram667 of them actively buying specifically via Instagram ads and profiles.

If your company is not on this InstagramInstagram, can you be sure to reach them ?

200 million On Instagrammeurs actively visiting the profile of a business daily àstagram but your business will not be one of them if you do not have Instagram account !

Think Instagram like a hand or extension of your business. The more you are present on InstagramInstagram more you will present to your potential customers on Instagram.

6. Create A Public Who Remain Connected To Your Brand

One of the beauties On Instagram is that it has all paid advertising capabilities of FacebookInstagram but it has something more to it that Facebook does not: organic functionality.

When we refer to organic functions dansstagram we mean actions that you can perform and the results you can achieve without having to pay for them directly into ad dollars.

On FacebookInstagram if you want to build the number of fans (or followers) your business page danstagram you have to pay for them with Facebook ads.

On InstagramInstagram you can build your followers organically. This allows a very natural relationship between your brand and your supporters from the beginning rather than forcing the connection with paid advertisements.

It's like a grassroots movement that takes effect where you have more followers, more than others begin to follow you. This growth of word-of-mouth organic type Instagram Instagram No particular price for new businesses.

In addition to all the efforts that you put forward in building your suiveursinstagram Instagrammeurs 50% follow brands anyway !

This means that half of the 800 million people on Instagram platform specifically more likely to follow your brand just to be on Instagram.

When consumers follow your brand on InstagramInstagram they make the decision to see your messages on their timeline going forward. This shows a strong initial interest on their Instagram partInstagram and you can continue to build the relationship from there !

7. Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Subscribers And Customers Potential

Another advantage of Instagram be organic platform is that you can see a lot of commitment on your messages without having to pay for it.

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than FacebookInstagram 54 times more than PinterestInstagram and 84 times more than Twitter.

Furthermore Instagram Instagram users "like" 4.2 billion messages per day.

With that kind of commitment ratesInstagram you can count on your ever Followers base to interact with your posts more instagram free !

They like the post or commenting itInstagram, they make the decision to interact with your post that shows an interest in your brand.

Specifically in InstagramInstagram once you like a postInstagram it is archived in your profile settings under "posts you like." This means that Instagram users who like your company's messages are simultaneously save your messages to their bank of pictures wish they can refer to whenever they choose !

Businesses can use this opportunity to stimulate conversation and share their comments directly to their subscribers. On InstagramInstagram you can use the @ sign to mark users and respond directly to someone who loved the picture or commented on the post.

More brand is transparent and responsive to his followers on InstagramInstagram, more trust is built between the brand and its potential customers. More consumer trust in a brandinstagramme, the more likely he buys them in relation to its competitors.

8. Learn The Tastes And Dislikes Your Customer

How much do you really know your customers ? SureInstagram can be between the ages of 25-54Instagram, but what is their sense of humor like ? What are their pet peeves ?

Whether you are a start-up that has everything to learn about exactly who your target market or you are an experienced company that is new to InstagramInstagram, there will always be room for more information on your target market.

It is important to remember that a target market is more than just an audience with demographic and statistical behavior. A target market is made up of real people dansstagram so that your marketing efforts must remain fluid and flexible as they are to stay in front of them.

That said, instagram Instagram is a great tool to learn the likes and dislikes changing your customer base and Followers. You can see what kind of content they love the most and are attracted to the Instagram and what they are not. You can see which accounts they follow like and what they do not.

This information will be crucial to know when creating content for your Instagram account enstagram, but it is also valuable to know for your marketing strategy as a whole !

9. Instagram Is A Visual Platform

A major advantage On Instagram that separates it from all other social media platforms is that it is photo-centered.

Unlike other social media sites instagram Instagram is composed entirely of photos and videos that can be accompanied by textInstagram, but the text is not mandatory.

Is it beneficial for you because most people remember more of what they see than what they read or hear !

In addition, videos on Instagram tend to surpass the images on social media when it comes to commitment and results surstagram, but both videos and images surpass posts on social media without one or the other.

This gives instant Instagram leg on other social media platforms that do not require one of two post !

Having a platform centered on the photo or video allows your customers to remember your bettersInstagram brand and it makes them more likely to engage with your content. These two factors lead your followers on Instagram a step closer to a purchase.

10. You Can Use Instagram Constantly To Energize Your Marketing Efforts More

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is that you can take all the information and data you collect and use it on all your other marketing efforts.

All traffic website you send On Instagram can be rerouted on other platforms and FacebookInstagram Google etc.

You can even use your Instagram messages to promote other marketing efforts you have current and vice versa !

Cross-promotion channels and marketing efforts allows you to extend the reach of this channel and encourage existing subscribers to follow your brand on other platforms. The more your brand contact points with consommerinstagram, the more likely it buys from you in relation to its competitors !

These are the top 10 advantages for companies On Instagram ! While building your Instagram may consist of a lot of work durstagram On Instagram benefits are worth the effort in the end ! Interested in letting exerts our Instagram marketing company do the hard work so you can reap the rewards ? Contact us today !

Since inceptionInstagram Instagram proved to be a powerful marketing tool for companies looking to expand their presence and visibility of their products. If you have not jumped on the bandwagon Instagram yetInstagram you could make your business a great service. If you still need convincingInstagram, so check out these 10 reasons why Instagram is increasing in importance and how your business can benefit.

1. More people use Instagram.

According to people InstagramInstagram their presence on social media now brings with it more than 800 million active users. More than 500 million people on the platform on a daily basisInstagram with 80 percent of them being outside L'Usinstagram 34 percent of them thousands of years and 38 percent check the website more times a day. With so many eyeballsInstagram available, there is no limit to the success that a company can reach with a dedicated Instagram strategy.

2. Any size of business can thrive.

With all these users choose fromminstagram the sky is the limit of what a company can accomplish. This applies to large well known companies stagram and for smaller Moms and pop shops and one man operations.

Of course, even the best-known companies, the success of Instagram will not come overnight to Instagram, but if a marketing team wants to get their organization on the mapInstagram, they can do so by maintaining an active presence and maintaining a routine of at least one post per day. Thus brands like Coca-Cola and Adidas, and many small businesses have used Instagram to thrive.

3. Companies can make money directly from Instagram.

Instagram has evolved over the years and the focus is now more on profitability by product placement. The latest program is called shoppable postsInstagram and they allow companies to add labels to products in their photos with links that include a description of the product price Instagram and the ability to "nowInstagram shop" that will lead the user to your shop line.

With this new serviceInstagram, it is simple for a company to attract actual sales from sitestagram and 72 percent of Instagram users admitting to buying products through social media plateformeinstagram results are hard to ignore.

Note from the editor: need a social media management solution ? Complete the form below to be connected with vendors that can help.

4. Reliable stories make your company.

Instagram is a great way to show potential customers that you are more than a limited company. This can be done through most featuresInstagram application, but you can really make an impression with messages live and stories.

The best way to use stories live is to show the scenes of your company and the people working there. Some examples are videos that show how products are made in stagram videos of office workers interacting with each other in sessions of questions and answers directly between you and your audience.

Instagram live posts are also a great way to build trust and credibility with rapportInstagram suiveursinstagram well as show that there is a human side to your business. If consumers see you as more than an entity seeking to take their moneyInstagram then they can be more confident of your brand.

5. You can associate yourself with influencers.

When it comes to social media stagram you have your regular observers Instagram and then you influencers. For those who are not in knowInstagram influencers are online celebrities who will often promote a brand or product and integrate it into the mainstream.

Reliable influencer can bring your business to a whole new level of sales through increased return on investment and access to demographic data that you do not normally would reach. If you use a well-known influencerInstagram, then they can spread the word of your business or product to millions of followers with just a few messages.

6. Hashtags can increase your visibility.

As a new company in the blockInstagram you can be intimidated by the competition in the stagram, but with the proper use of hashtagsInstagram you can separate your business from the herd.

Hashtags are essentially keywords that sum up what your post is saying. Popular Instagram hashtags such as Charmin #ShareaCokeInstagram Coke #TweetFromTheSeat and Calvin Klein #MyCalvins shook industrieinstagram becoming the cornerstones of pop culture that made these companies Popular more recognizable and loved.

You can not be Coke or CharminInstagram but effective use of hashtags can do wonders to separate your business from the crowd.

7. You can effectively engage with customers.

What's better than having customers know you exist ? What about the opportunity to interact with them every day ? The fact is that people like to make their views dansstagram especially if they like somethingInstagram and Instagram is a platform for users to likeInstagram comment on and share their favorite posts. Plus you get feedback and I love, the more your business is visible. You can get more likes taking high quality photos with local hashtags and in partnership with other brands.

8. Mobility is king.

Unlike Facebook and TwitterInstagram began as sitesinstagram based Instagram browser was created to be an application from the beginning. Since 90 percent of mobile time spent is spent on appsInstagram your company should take advantage and make your posts available to viewers wherever they go via Instagram. Smartphone users tend to turn to Instagram because it has a cleaner style than the cluttered view that Facebook can create Instagram and commitment on Instagram is 10 times higher than on FacebookInstagram, you will want to take the train working.

9. You can keep an eye on competitors.

Your company can use Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors and see how they interact with their followers. Look carefully to find out how often they postentinstagram what they post and how they engage with their followers. You can use the information you collect to better define your own personal strategy.

10. It offers many ways to be creative.

A great advantage of the photo sharing application is the creativity it provides. On InstagramInstagram your marketing team can go wild to come up with new ways to attract attention and add followers and new customers. Show the public that your brand has personality and it is cool to shop with you mixing with contestsInstagram shoutoutsInstagram vivid images in interactive video stagram and more.

If something connects these 10 benefits to Instagram, it is that more people are watching Instagram Instagram before and you just ignore millions of potential customers by not joining this powerful social media platform. Take the advice you've learned here and use it to start building your presence Instagram. Your results will be glad you did it.

4 Key Ways To Enjoy Including Instagram Your Company

The web-based social networks are not just a matter of posting records and selfies to win like Instagram stagram HOWEVER It has turned into a decent internship to get adherents and Even create Profitability. As reported by the journal Instagram Instagram has the customer to 600 million customers value and almost a part of them use Instagram on the daily schedule.

Why not work with the world of social networking web-based fast pace when it becomes essential access point for individuals to obtain data ?

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to position your picture and an innovative way to showcase his identity.

BesidesInstagram this is the place where your customers can view your curated content based daily without feeling dominated by the messages and warnings.

Half of the stage clients check their pages several times a day to see the progress.

Given that Instagram here are some best ways Instagram has successful brands in their marketing strategies:

Instagram benefits # 1: maintain links with your Followers

The customers like Instagram investigate the ornament of the window and meet the real people behind the brands.

It adds another step to the relationship you have with your fans. The new site Instagram stories highlight simplifies things.

By publishing a photograph or videoInstagram marks are aligned with the behind the video of how the shoot was set up dansstagram giving more scope for promotion.

Instagram Benefits 2: Connect users with Regrams

People love to see their photos reworked by the brands they love.

This is an extraordinary method to open the way to two-way correspondence and demonstrate that your image is used by real people.

For instanceInstagram a watch brand ran a rivalry formula where users were invited to share their own special pictures have any model of this watch in their wrist on Instagram for a chance to win a gift voucher of 500 $.

They then reprogrammed triumphant photos on their Instagram account.

Instagram benefits # 3: Enhance your personality

Sometimes there is a need for features like funninessInstagram motivation and magnification that characterize your image.

Instagram is the ideal place to make brand affiliations that stick in the mind of your users.

Consider the manner of speaking that you use in the different territories of advertisingInstagram and consider how it could turn into visual organization.

Instagram benefits # 4: Connect your brand to trends and popular cultures

Another advantage is that On Instagram It's a place for customers to imagine their personality and promise loyalty to social factions.

Not only is this an amazing place to watch in the most recent models - this is a chance to attach your image to those reverberate with your customers.

Sharpie uses its objects to make a work of art that connects their image with social models.

Instagram offers open unfathomable for brand managers to make the personality and esteemInstagram associations.

Also essential that it is at present for organizations to capture visual showcasingInstagram in a few years, it will end basis. Make sure your image is on the preparation before leaving the station.

Top Fortune organizations that are positioned incomeInstagram and strangely we see that higher-income organizations are much more likely to use Instagram.

It is also important that even among the highest selection rate, half is still marginally over.

If you are a B2B company whose customers are to a great extent are unlikely to be on InstagramInstagram at this point pointstagram, it seems that there eststagram their view has not point to stroll and plan spending on it.

Anyway, for any B2C organization, we suggest insistently. Please use Instagram is taking so rapidlyInstagram develop regardless of whether just a small fragment of your objective statistic is now using itInstagram deserves the establishment of a close early so that you are there when most of your customers move to become users.

Why not look at this list of brands that bloom with Instagram currently enstagram and should not something be said about their posts between them. For each of these brandsInstagram we included cases of their best positions.

For some themInstagram we have also incorporated their post Instagram most ever known regarding a commitment on the basis of information from Step On Instagram analysis and management.

Here are the best examples of brands using Instagram successfully for their promotion:

Lorna Jane

On the chance that your images were a manInstagram how would you describe his identity ?

Australian organization Action On clothes Lorna Jane completed a wonderful activity noting this important milestone issue with his Instagram content.

Spend just a few moments to look through these pictures dansstagram and you will quickly have the power to name objective Lorna Jane buyer: a youthfulInstagram livelyInstagram twenty-or thirty-something lady who feels great look while maintaining a dynamic lifestyle.

Photos posted by Lorna JaneInstagram, which frequently show the clothes and ornaments of the brand in unstagram and photos ladiesInstagram that characterize its target buyer personaInstagram are brightInstagram perkystagram and persuasiveInstagram, which is an ideal representation of the quintessential Mark.

Apartment Therapy

The apartment therapy Instagram account is really a source of traitementinstagram if you feel comfortable view homes.

If you have seen long-term social communication messages apartment therapy before rehandinstagram rest assured house photographs on his Instagram account are comparable to creative.


Take a look at the nuances of any outstanding brand and you will see they use similar shades again and again - in their logoInstagram their siteInstagram and in their online network pictures.

Using huesInstagram again and again like is an extraordinary method to build brand consistency and to help buyers feel comfortable with your image.

This is the thing that the Swedish online art print Desenio organization is wonderfully on their Instagram account.

They use a lot of bluesinstagram greensInstagram greysInstagram blacksInstagram and inspiring faculties quietInstagram recovering and extravagance.


WeWork provides shared office space in urban areas and nations around the world - so it bodes well that they should display an abundance of photographs showing their excellent collaborative groups.

They perform an amazing activity by pulling the spaces in a way that makes the fans as we would like we can jump in the photos and thunder down with your Mac and an espresso.

They do not stop to post photos of their mutual workspaces in untagram however.

WeWork uses Instagram to catch and provide minutes from some of the greatest opportunities marked individuals (and their companions) anticipate all year.

Since you have seen how these successful brands use Instagram to build their innovative substance brandsInstagram what will you do the other ?

There you have itinstagram folksInstagram Instagram benefits and examples. We hope this will give you an edge in your social media marketing.

Kylie JennerInstagram Gigi HadidInstagram Dallas and Cameron are just some of the people who became very popular by regularly publishing photos and videos on Instagram. Some people argue that many of the personalities mentioned above are without talent. For meInstagram, having more than a million followers on Instagram should be considered a talent in itself. Another group argued that invest a lot of time and effort into creating a massive following is unnecessary and attention. This argument is incorrect ! Have a huge following on Instagram has a number of social and financial benefits. Here are some of them:

1. You could get money - lots of money !

You could make a lot of money on your Instagram account from advertisements. Marketers are always looking for new markets. At a time when advertisers see that you have millions of followers and the majority of these followers fit the demographics they are looking dansstagram they are likely to contact you to advertise a product for them. Some famous Instagrammeurs get paid to advertise their products on their àstagram account to dine in restaurants or visit some àstagram some idyllic tropical islands just so merchants can display their products to their followers.

2. You could inspire change

Having a large clientele (being famous) gives you the power to make changes. Hashtags NowadaysInstagram created by celebrities have a way of becoming viral on social media and are usually picked up by the mainstream media that reach an even wider audience. Just by getting many true free Instagram Followers Instagram you could advance a social or environmental issue more Powerfully Instagram and people are more likely to take action because you (a famous Instagrammer) posted a photo or video of it.

3. You will become famous

Almost everyone wants to be famous ! There is an unexplained happiness that comes from glory. Imagine how your friends will be shocked when they find out you are over 10 Instagram000 Instagram subscribers. They will begin to see you in a totally different lightInstagram and is accompanied by its own advantages. Moreover, people are attracted to what most already considers as having value is no better way to show that you have a social value that having a huge track on sociaux.vous networks already considered influencer in your specific subject and your advice will be taken seriously with this in mindInstagram get free Instagram followers would certainly be a great thing.

4. Your company could end up winning more customers

Get massive monitoring - that could easily be achieved by getting you - even the followers Free Instagram will both you and your business popular. Is not it great ?! Anyone visiting your Instagram profile will operate on the assumption that whatever product or service you are selling is already popular (because of your many followers) and will be more willing to try. there are many brands that specifically use this technique to increase their sales.

5. You have more followers !

Having a massive Instagram followed naturally attract more users to your profile who will follow you as well. People become curious about youInstagram and they will want to become a part of your follower. Instagram this, you could end up becoming a celebrity and maybe have a huge financial success while her !

The benefits of having a massive following Instagram are quite clairsinstagram and nobody would miss out on the goodies. Get yourself the free Instagram followers will allow you to enjoy uninstagram if not all of these benefits. FortunatelyInstagram there are many reputable sites that offer this service. Get navigation !

As video content becomes more popular on social networks, it is also becoming increasingly important for brands to create and operate. This shift to the visual social media means that more and more big and businessinstagram smallInstagram begin to visually communicate with their followers and customers fansInstagram.

One of the most popular platforms that allow you to leverage the power of this change is Instagram.

With over 150 million users On Instagram Instagram is one of the best and most used photo sharing platformInstagram allowing you to share photosInstagram well as short videosInstagram with your followers. There are more than 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day (source: Jumpers Mind) which is another big reason why your business needs to use this platform.

Key benefits

There are many benefits that can generate for your Instagram businessInstagram then take a look at the 6 Key benefits.

A Commitment Increased

Depending on the quality of postInstagram, brand updates on Facebook and Twitter are sometimes overlooked by the user. However, this is not true for Instagram users; Instagram have an active account with useful and interesting content can earn you crazy levels of engagement with your audience. The latest Forrester study found that Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement by tracking Facebook and Twitter more than 120 times.

Starbucks visual content still sees a huge commitment on Instagram;

Strengthen Confidence And Personality

With branded content being more popular to generate engagementstagram one of the main advantages On Instagram is that it can help you build confidence. People buy people and Instagram will help you create that emotional connection with your audience. The great thing here is that you can share everyday experiences of your business in a way so informal and casual-giving a personal feeling to your business.

Behind the scene photos and images of employees tend to rank well on InstagramInstagram, especially if you are a specific service provider. Such photos can make your business more attractive and trustworthy, which can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

The Rise Of Traffic

Although you can not add clickable links to each update Instagram Instagram Instagram you publish can be a powerful source of traffic. Plus with the highest levels of engagement on Facebook and TwitterInstagram create and maintain a high profile could be extremely beneficial to the visibility of your site.

Get a Competitive Advantage

There is still much less competition on Instagram on Facebook or Twitter. On a American Express survey found that only 2% of small businesses are adopting InstagramInstagram, giving them an advantage over their competitors. In addition, companies that integrate Instagram into their marketing strategy will be more likely to reach their target audience more easily than Facebook or Twitter where competition is much greater.

Reaching The Target Market

If you are targeting people born between 1980 and the early 1990s (the so-called millennium) while Instagram is the place to be as over 37% of people in this age group use Instagram (Source: JennsTrends) so if you want to reach and connect with the crowd of under 30, you should definitely create an Instagram account. That said instagram Instagram not only works for youth-focused brands like Red BullInstagram brands like Ford and General Electric earn a high level of commitment on their Instagram profiles.

"Free Advertising '

YesInstagram you read correctly; the great thing about On Instagram is free advertising. You can present your products and services in action, generating a huge visibility. It gives you a chance to show more of what you have to offer.

How to Get Started

You can easily create your new Instagram account in two easy steps:

Step 1

For now, you can create your account on Instagram Instagram that by downloading the application on your phone. Once installedInstagram click the icon and sign up using your Facebook email. Remember to use the same brand name you have on other Social Media networks.

2nd step

Get the control rights. Before sharing your first photo or video on Instagram, you must complete all information Instagram ask you - as a short URL BioInstagram Web site and a profile picture or logo.

It is crucial to integrate with your other Social Networks:

step 3

relevant and interesting looking photos and start following people

this Post

If you are new on InstagramInstagram here are some content ideas to get you started. The key to success is On Instagram to be active and spontaneous. This means that your photos do not need to be of high quality in unstagram instead they should capture the emotion.

You can publish photos and video:

• Your new products

• Your new products in action

• The Teasers or sneak peeks into your brand new products and services before the official launch

* Behind the scene photos and videos

* Photos of your employees and your customers

• Events that you have organized or you attended

• Daily life in your offices

* Photos and videos of business travel

• Special offers on your products or services

• Organize regular competitions

Before you start, you can also take a look at some of bigInstagram Instagram and small businesses that are successful on Instagram.

Major brands

• Starbucks

• Audi

* Nike

Small Businesses

* Coffee Spy House

• The Media Temble

* Fuel Mendez

As you can see on Instagram Instagram is a great opportunity for your brand to diversify your content as a way to expand your reach online. If you have not created an Instagram account to your businessInstagram is the best time to do it now in Instagram so you do not miss out on the 150 million strong user base.

Do you use Instagram to visually communicate with your audience ?

If you haveInstagram so good. But Instagram if you do not do this then you might miss out on the benefits mentioned above. Here in KoozaiInstagram we provide our customers an effective social media management that can help you reap the benefits that social media has to offer. If you have questions, contact - we will be more than happy to help.

Instagram and its benefits

The importance of using images in updates of social media is something we are talking to stimulate the interest and commitment to the displayed content. With InstagramInstagram the importance has never been higher than the social media platform focuses on images not words.

The combination of video photo sharing and social networking in a mobile application gives users the opportunity to represent products scenariosInstagram market and even try to capture an emotion in photos they upload to the site. With so much emphasis being on imagesInstagram he userInstagram strength personInstagram business or to be more inventive and creative with the images they use to create an appropriate feel for themselves dansstagram their brand or company.

Benefits for your business

Instagram gives you the opportunity to learn more about your audience and reach very easily.

ImageryInstagram as images or videosInstagram always travel more online especially through social networks that the written word as the images provide visual stimulation and capture people's imagination more than the text. Couple that with hashtags included in the accompanying legend categorizes the position and allows it to travel farther on the right Instagram followers to find by other users looking for

particular images. With InstagramInstagram you can also see at a glance what your audience is interested in a quick analysis of their profiles instead of having to read the status updates on Facebook and Twitter wordy.

There is a large audience on Instagram, but less business competition dansstagram giving you a greater chance of being seen.

With over 400 million monthly active users (CNBC.Instagram there is a huge audience of people of all ages out there to connect with your business. At present, the adoption of the platform by stagram companies is still relatively low, except in the fashion industry, but that is about to change as more and more companies see the benefits of the platform for marketing and engagement with their customers. the advantages of the platform are huge with a commitment 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter ! (Forrester.comInstagram April 2014)

New audiences are easier to achieve

Hashtags categorize your messages so people looking for a certain topic will find your messages among them. An example would be a fashion brand with their photos Sheffield hashtags # # sheffield and fashion for people who seek either about their find there photos / content.

The location AlsoInstagram labeling is a good way to reach more people in the location tag to your store all your pictures gives people the opportunity to find you, but it also gives you the opportunity see photos others have taken and labeled to your store. You can then engage with these users commenting on Instagram or sharing their images and pushing your levels of engagement and audience reach even further.

It's easy to share on Instagram content Other channels

Once you have taken and edited your image and added hashtags captionInstagram Instagram and your location then you have the option to share your picture with your followers on other platforms when you click post on your Instagram image. It is an opportunity to share your image on FacebookInstagram TwitterInstagram Tumblr blogs and FlickrInstagram the photo sharing site. This simple and easy way to share content across all your social media saves time through stagram, increasing your potential audience and keeps all your regularly updated profiles.

A good photograph generates sales and increases traffic to the website

The images are intended to speak thousands of words and in the business world and Instagram marketing a very good shot can do so much more for sales and reputation than any press release or catchy slogan. Instagram has forced people to be more creative with their photography to come up with new ideas and have an emphasis on subtle advertising. Getting the right photograph increase engagementstagram sharing your content and visitors to your Instagram profile which in turn will more likely people to visit your website and eventually buy something while they are there stagram drive sales to forward.

The casual tone Instagram gives personality to your business

As TwitterInstagram Instagram focuses on the more casual side of networking with others. This casual tone can be a huge advantage for any company as it gives them the opportunity to show a side of themselves that people rarely see dansstagram the human side of the business. Behind the scenes, pictures of offices, warehouses, buildings and staff show the side of a business that people do not often see, but very interested in them. These snapshots can not only stimulate the commitment by pure interest, but create a more reliable and easy to connect with business. This type of content can really enhance the views of business people of

Instagram is free advertising !

With most marketing campaigns and advertising dansstagram There is a huge cost to the company and if it is not successful, then the company can lose a lot of money. With social media stagram including Instagram no costs involved unless you decide to pay them money. There is no implementation costsInstagram display and creating the content is free and advertising inevitably you get to your products or services the business of stagram cost you nothing. You can pay for some thingsInstagram like someone to manage your account for you or take professional images you can use as content for the next few months as pictures of the next stock of fashion season,

Instagram is perhaps not as popular as Other giants of social media like Facebook and Twitter regarding his baseInstagram user, but it is fair to assume that it has evolved into one of the most advertising tools effective for companies considering where he was eight years ago. And these new changes lead large and small brands to realize they could accomplish much more by simply exploiting the available tools on Instagram.

So beyond the user-friendly features that are available on InstagramInstagram How can you use it to your business advertising ? How can you increase your profits by taking advantage of these tools very attractive ?

Although very sensitive issues in Instagram, There are relevant and desirable benefits reasons why you should start thinking in the direction of advancing your business with Instagram. Here are some of the advantages of using such a platform to advertise your company:

Connect with customers:

With a large number of users on platforms like Facebook and TwitterInstagram companies are quick to explore these channels as their primary way to get through their customers. These platforms have undoubtedly many suiveursinstagram, but when it comes to active engagement in untagram, statistics clearly indicate otherwise.

Perhaps is it because of the image nature of the content or for any other reason; Research statistics indicate Instagram can provide 100 times the commitment to what could have on Twitter.

Knowing what people like:

While this is perhaps not so obvious to youInstagram your customers can help you make a considerable part of your marketing by sharing photos and discussing your business on Instagram.

This is especially true when your business has a physical location that guests can visit from time to time.

For instanceInstagram consider a restaurant; people always share a photo of their favorite dish. With InstagramInstagram it easy to share these photos and even have their marked locations. This is the fastest way to get the message.

HenceInstagram if you follow the conversationInstagram, you will be in pole position to know what your current and new customers prefer.

Connect with a new audience:

Connect easily with new photosInstagram new businesses and new people has been one of today's POS Instagram. One way to exploit this feature by using the use of hashtags. Just like what you have on other platform formsinstagram every time someone includes a hashtag in a postInstagram a link is automatically created. And when you follow this linkInstagram it will connect you to a page where you can see everything that was previously shared using this hashtag.

As an alternative to hashtagsInstagram, you can also implement the "Discover Me" tab; it is also designed to help users connect with the content and users that they consider relevant to their goals or objectives.

It differs from the way social media platforms help various brands to climb to the top of their niche. And unsurprisingly Instagram Instagram was noted as one of the most effective channels for customers and potential customers engaged. This is not a myth; it's real; you can influence your business by taking advantage of the tools available on Instagram.

It is amazing how many Instagram has evolved in recent years. Once a place for selfies and photos from your Instagram foodInstagram in 2018 as a marketing platform for companies it is a social network for more than 800 million people.

Just look at the new features Instagram ! During the past year aloneInstagram Instagram has published dozens of new features to businessinstagram business, including new typesInstagram ads paid dansstagram partnership tools and new ways to boost traffic and make sales.

And as more and more companies are using Instagram to connect with customersInstagram brand strategy has expanded to include new objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). As companies focused primarily on brand awareness instagram Instagram is transformed slowly but surely into a full-fledged sales channel Instagram with more companies than ever to focus on advertising Instagram Instagram Instagram influencencer marketing and promotion products.

No matter the industry in which you work, it pays to build a presence on Instagram. But if you really want to get a headinstagram you must know the deck (and your audience !) Inside and outInstagram including what types of content resonate mostInstagram How To Build An Instagram Stories strategyInstagram and how to follow your settings and KPIs. How Instagram The algorithm 2018

If you already use Instagram for businessInstagram, you probably noticed a recent decline in your Instagram commitment. Do not worry about stagram.ce is not just you. The accounts of all sizes are less similar to stagram commensinstagram and followers than they were in the past. And everything is related to the On Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram algo-what else ? If this is the first time you hear about Instagram algorithmInstagram The algorithm here is the long and short of it:

Instagram The algorithm is a set of rules and complex factors Instagram uses to determine which messages appear in your feedInstagram and in what order.

This is a huge difference from the first days of InstagramInstagram when power was chronological and users have just seen the most recent messages. Now Instagram Instagram is more like FacebookInstagram and uses an algorithm to determine the content that you'll be interested in seeing in your wire.

This is especially important for companies that want to get their posts seen by their followers ! Instagram The algorithm determines how a content item is "good" by taking into consideration such factors as the level of commitment that a post receives dansstagram or the number of comments it receives. If a piece of content is deemed boninstagram Instagram will show to more users. But If it is considered bad or unpopularInstagram Instagram limit the number of users shown.

Previously danstagramme companies do not have to worry about the strategy to achieve maximum commitment on their messages - you could get by quite easily just by posting consistently. TodayInstagram is no longer the case. If you want to succeed on InstagramInstagram, you must optimize for Instagram The algorithm.

IndeedInstagram the marketer Instagram today must be extremely diligent: The call to action in your caption is it strong enough ? Did you use the right combination of hashtags ? You post the best time ? Is your Instagram feed attractive as a whole ? Companies are under more pressure than ever to create compelling content and engaging with their unique and creative way subscribers.

Although we can not understand the intricacies of what makes Instagram tickInstagram algorithm, we know several factors that determine how your post will work (and how many people will see it !). Here are 5 of the most important factors:

In general, messages with high commitment (as in the comments on the stagram on stagram shares the views stagram, etc.)) will rank higher on your Instagram stream. When a post gets a ton of commensinstagram I love and this signals to the algorithm that Instagram is qualityInstagram engaging contentInstagram so the post is shown in more users. If you can optimize rateInstagram commitment you increase the chances of getting more eyes on your Instagram posts.

Keep in mind that this is not always how much commitment post receives. In some cases, Instagram The algorithm is more concerned about how quickly a post receives its commitment.

Programming Instagram messages for optimal time is an important strategy to overcome the Instagram algorithm and get your messages seen by more people. Why ?

Because if you post at a time when most of your audience is online surstagram, you give yourself a better chance of getting more commitment surstagram faster. If you get a lot of likes and comments shortly after postingInstagram this signal to Instagram your message is quality content and should be shown to more people.

The Facebook algorithm looks at the length of time you spend interacting with contentInstagram and this is no different with Instagram. Instagram The algorithm tracks the amount of time users spend looking at your message and then uses it to determine whether it should show this message to other users.

What does this mean to you ? Write captivating Instagram captions and post quality photos are things that can stand out in the Instagram feed and get people to spend more time watching your postInstagram instead of just scrolling.

If you agree with a particular account regularly Instagram Instagram you say that you really like the content of this account. Consequently, Instagram will show you more content from this person in your diet. That's why you probably see Instagram messages from your mother at the top of your feedInstagram although it has only 20 followers and some I like about each photo.

The same goes for people who like the content of your business: if they like regularly comment on Instagram Instagram Instagram watching your storage on Instagram or saving your content on instagram, your messages are more likely to be shown their . Another factor that Instagram The algorithm takes into account is the news of a postinstagramme AKA as it has been recently published. The Instagram algo - rithm probably show you the latest messages rather than messages from the last few days or weeks, but again, this is not always true.

It really depends on how often you browse Instagram. If you open the app a few times a week, you are more likely to see the best posts from a few days agoInstagram because Instagram wants to catch you up on everything you missed.

If the only factor Instagram The algorithm was cared commitment dansstagram, then we would see the same content ! LuckilyInstagram "gender" or the type of content with which you engage plays a big role in the content you see on the yarn.

Have you ever noticed that if you agree with a lot of accounts of some kind (eg sports highlightsInstagram) Instagram Instagram will start to show you more content ? It's the relevancy factor in. If you like Instagram determines that a particular type of contentInstagram such as NBAInstagram, he will do his best to show you similar content it thinks you will find interesting as Instagram posts Lakers. Your Instagram Profile

In 2018Instagram your Instagram stream will become as important as the home page on your website. This is a great concession that we know. But the fact is that more and more people are turning to Instagram instead of Google to search for brands.

That's why we recommend reviewing your Instagram profile carefully. Have you optimized copy in your bio Instagram ? Have you changed your Instagram business profile ? Do you have a coherent and attractive aesthetic Instagram ?

Your profile is the first opportunity to make a great impression and encourage people to hit the "follow" button. And creating a consistent brand story through your Instagram aesthetic and bioInstagram, you can turn those casual visitors devotedInstagram committed followers. 1. YOUR NAME

The first step to create good bios Instagram is to ensure that your name estinstagram factInstagram in your name ! (For cetenstagramme we hear the "Name" field in your profileInstagram not your user name On Instagram).

People seeking you on Instagram probably use your name or your company and consistency allows people to know that they consult Instagram profile actually belongs to you and not an imposter. Do not try to be uniqueInstagram you Instagram name of your company name or as close to a variation as possible to be search-friendly.


A good bio Instagram explain precisely what your company is and what you do. So if you want to stand for a particular topic or interest Instagram you should include these details in your bio and Instagram.

Think about what makes you different from your competitors. Your company does offer a product or experience that might interest your followers ? Not only do these include in your bio Instagram serve as an introduction to new viseursinstagram, but it can also determine whether they will follow you. It is undeniable that 2017 was the year of Instagram stories. The copycat version of Instagram Snapchat may not have as many filtersInstagram, but in 2017 he quickly rose to more than 300 million active users per day enstagram which is double the size of Snapchat !

In 2018, Instagram Stories will become an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. In factInstagram according to The State of Instagram Marketing 2018Instagram 64% of companies plan to create more On Instagram stories in 2018.

What explains the huge success Stories On Instagram ? WellInstagram has partly to do with the growing popularity of video ephemeral. More and more companies see the value of creating ephemeral video content dansstagram it to be fun and light and more business-oriented. But it also has to do with the large number of features and capabilities that have been added to Instagram stories in 2017. Geo-stickers to clickable links on Instagram Instagram invested heavily in the stories last year and it really paid off.

Before a recent update Instagram only audited accounts on Instagram could add links to their Instagram stories. But everything has changed now ! TodayInstagram On any account with Instagram Affairs 10Instagram000 or more followers can add links to their Instagram stories.

It is not surprising that many companies were quick to adopt this feature. The ability to add links to your Instagram stories totally changed the game for businesses. While you only had a hyperlink to work on before Instagram Instagram Instagram with Stories, you can easily drive traffic back to your website or blog.

If you have access to this featureInstagram, we strongly recommend you to use.

Another great feature of Instagram Stories 2017Instagram Highlights were added in December of last year àstagram, but they already had a great impact for business. Unlike regular Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours on Instagram The Instagram stories are grouped clips organized by you and live permanently on your profile until you delete them.

They appear directly under your bio and above your Instagram stream and play as a standalone story when someone will put their hands on it. The functionality is literally front and center of your profile.

Instagram Stories Highlights are an extremely valuable addition to an Instagram profilesinstagram business because they allow brands to easily organize and develop the content they want users to see first.

You can think of moments like a movie trailer for your Instagram stream. They are a creative way to express votreselfinstagram show Instagram drive trafficInstagram products and market your business !

Use Instagram stories Highlights is a great way for you to attract new suiveursinstagram too. Using Highlights, you can show that your business is dansstagram you offerInstagram and why someone should follow you.

Instagram For example if you are an ecommerce store Instagram Instagram you can create stories Highlights for different product lines so that future followers can instantly understand what you are selling. When Instagram introduced for the first time stickers for Instagram Instagram December stories they were more fun than useful. But since that time Instagram Instagram has added a ton of new features to the site and stickers hashtag.

NowInstagram when searching for a location or hashtag on InstagramInstagram you can also see stories live Instagram for that label. For example, if you post a story Empire State BuildingInstagram add the sticker located it ! Your story could then end up in the history of Instagram The Empire State Building or she might end up in the general history of New York. This gives you more exposure on Instagram and can potentially lead to more Instagram followers !


Use Instagram Stories for business is now an essential part of any marketing strategy Instagram Instagram and can help you drive engagementInstagram customersInstagram interact with and show your products in action. However saidInstagram it can be difficult to find ideas for Instagram stories and coming up with ideas of this post. Need inspiration ?

Here are four ways companies use Instagram Stories for Business:

3. Launch a takeover bid for Instagram Stories

An easy way to share your Instagram history is to make a takeover of The Instagram story or invite someone to host your story.

Having regular guest segments is a great way to bring both the variety and consistency to Use Instagram Stories for business. Try it with your own business: you can choose someone in your company to a "day-in-the-life" storyInstagram or you can collaborate with other companies in your industry to share stories of the day . It will help to vary your content and keep your customers coming back for more.

4. Collect feedback from followers

Have you ever wanted to search your public Instagram on their interests as dansstagram dansstagram dislikesInstagram and more ? Instagram has recently launched new interactive poll on Instagram Stories stickers that allow you to ask questions and to see the results of your followers as they vote.

The great thing about the survey is that stickers are so many commercial uses. Whether you want feedback on your products dansstagram crowdsource ideasInstagram or just entertain your suiveursinstagram survey stickers offer a whole new way to engage with your audience Instagram. Instagram LIVE

2017 may have been dominated by Instagram StoriesInstagram, but the future looks bright for live video. If you have not already surstagram, we recommend you to get acquainted with the functionality soon. A recent survey Instagram while only 22% of companies went "live" on Instagram 2017Instagram 55% plan to use the feature in 2018.

The idea of ​​going "live" on Instagram Instagram Instagram understandably quite intimidating for most companies. While Instagram Stories gives you the ability to publish videoInstagram discs, there is no "repeatedly" on Instagram Live.

But the fact is that Instagram Live has great value for businesses. When used correctly danstagram functionality can be an incredible channel to drive new followers and engagementInstagram and your biggest business objectives. This is especially true with two new functions oriented to Instagram Direct:

Before a recent update Instagram Instagram, live video could not be redistributed or shared after the broadcast. And although this has created a sense of urgency for viewers to tune Instagram, There is a ton of value in being able to share your post-broadcast live video.

Once your Instagram Live Video endsInstagram you will see a "Share" button at the bottom of the screen. It's that simple ! Your live broadcast will be live on while your stories Instagram Instagram for 24 hours unless you decide to add it to your highlights.

Instagram has added another feature to Instagram Live recently that allows users to add guests to their live stream.

The feature works by allowing people that play video add anyone who watches the video then Instagram by clicking the "Add" button in the corner of the screen. When a person gets addedInstagram he or she joins you in a separate window under yours on the screen.

Not only co-hosting Live On Instagram Booster commitment on your show (by reaching a larger user base) Instagram, but it also opens the door to co-marketing campaigns where both companies and influencers join forces to promote a product. If you hope to achieve greater business objectives with Instagram LiveInstagram such as driving sales or increased dansstagram registrations, it is really important to have a strategy in place. As Instagram Instagram StoriesInstagram Live is a relaxed place and you can get as creative as you want ! But with all this room for creativityInstagram it's a good idea to have a solid game plan.

1. Teasing or launch new products and / or services

A recent trend on Instagram Live is that companies use the channel to tease or launch new products. And why not ? It is the ideal place to create a ton of hype about your products. Whether you are about to unveil a new product or tease a future Instagram Instagram Live is an ideal place to stir up excitement around your business.

To use this strategy in your live broadcastInstagram take your hottest product and release deliberately very few details about it. The mystery push your followers to frenzy ! After teaserInstagram ask viewers to sign up for more information on your website. This approach gives your live video exclusivitéinstagram an element that can encourage people to act immediately in unstagram by increasing the number of leads you get.

2. Run Q & AsInstagram workshopsInstagram and tutorials to collect emails

There are a ton of different formats that you can follow during your live broadcast instagram including Q & AsInstagram workshopsInstagram and tutorials. Each of these formats is valuable and should get you a ton of viewers. But if you really want your business benefits from Instagram LiveInstagram use it as a way to collect emails.

One of the best ways to do is to ask your followers to submit questions in advance. You can send your followers to a home page with an event e-mail form (share the URL of the homepage in preparing your distribution) or Instagram by providing an email address where viewers can submit questions.

3. Promote your sales and campaigns

While Instagram Stories is considered "ephemeralInstagram" there's really nothing more ephemeral Instagram on the live video. Use this to your advantage by creating a sense of urgency to watch your show !

One of the best ways to increase your audience is you promise limited time promotions that you will offer only during the broadcast. If you have a giveawayInstagram discountInstagram promotionInstagram or other campaign that you want to offer a select fewInstagram announce it in advance ! And when you go "liveInstagram" share the coupon code or discount with your Instagram viewers Influence Marketing

Did you know that more than a billion dollars have been spent on Instagram influence marketing in 2017 ? It should not be a big surprise. Instagram influence marketing has proven to be an effective and easyInstagram inexpensiveInstagram great way to grow your business on Instagram.

And like Instagram The algorithm continues to limit the scope of some companies in Instagram, we expect only that the marketing influence is increasing in popularity.

What makes marketing influencers so effective ? WellInstagram it has to do with trust. The influencer marketing removes the barriers of traditional advertising because the customer is presented to your company from a reliable source (the influencer) on an authentic casualinstagram platform (Instagram).

When influencer recommend a product or service on its channels in a frame, it may appear as a recommendation of confidence on the part of a friend. This is a great way to raise awareness for a new product or a new campaign you run.


It is important for the influencers and companies to disclose their partnerships and sponsored posts on Instagram as guides to the FTC. Hashtags are consistent with the FTC and # # sponsored ad. However, you can also disclose your partnerships using a unique partnership hashtag as #YournamePartner. "THE RISE OF MARKETING MICRO INFLUENCERS

The influencer marketing may have increased in popularity due to InstagramInstagram, but you do not have thousands of dollars to cash in on this trend.

Micro-influence marketing is the next big officially thingInstagram and brands already successful working with Instagram accounts that have smaller Followers.

SoInstagram what is a micro-influencer ? It depends on who you ask Instagram, but generally a micro-influencer is someone who has significant Instagram but not massiveInstagram social media to follow. This could range from anywhere between 1Instagram000 100Instagram000 and followers.

While Instagram influencers have reached a sort of "celebrity statusinstagram" micro-influencers are more like Instagram daily users so they tend to be very relatable and trustworthy.

But there's another advantage to join micro-influencers. Two separate studies by HelloSociety and Markerly revealed that the influencers who have a smaller number of followers tend to maintain higher levels of engagement that the leading influencers in stagram, and both studies have noticed a decline the measure engagement rates than the size of the audience increases.

This means that post Instagram From a micro-influence will probably be seen by a larger percentage of their suivantinstagram so that you could potentially reach more people through 20 post Instagram you could by investing in post 1 with Instagram great influence. 1. Check their commitment Instagram

When influencer has a high engagement rate, it means that his followers are careful and act on their content. This is why most companies and agencies use Instagram to the commitment to assess which is the ideal influencer.

Instagram Generally you want to see a commitment rate of 2-3% on messages influencers. A ratio of 4-6% is excellent while Instagram posts in the tens and twenty high years are considered "viral."

2. verify their discipleship

It goes without saying that you should align your business with influencers who have "influence" on your target audience. For example, if you are a fitness brandInstagram, it makes sense to partner with influencers who share a similar audience to your ideal customersInstagram such as yoga teachers or powerlifters.

Align your business with an influencer who "pull" with your target customers is one of the best ways to get in front of the right eyesInstagram increase brand awareness dansstagram and present your products in a creative way.

3. Check the number of their followers

As we discussed above, the number of followers that influencer is no longer as important as it was - especially now that Instagram The algorithm seems to have an impact on the commitment of more accounts important.

As we have learned over the past year, the rate of commitment within the agramme tends to decrease gradually as the number of Followers increases. Thus, the influencers who have fewer followers often retain higher engagement rates on their posterstagramme while influencers

with public tend to see reduced commitment rate and a less direct communication with their followers.

All this being saidInstagram this is definitely not a bad idea to associate with influencers with large Followers ! Make sure they are suitable for your business.

4. Requirements Budget

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding with which influencers must join: How much do they cost ?

According to a recent survey surstagram, it is actually very common for companies to "give" free products influencers rather than pay them a fixed fee. At factInstagram, 77% of companies report offering free products and / or services in exchange for sponsored posts.

This is not always the caseInstagram however. Some influencers only accept flat rates dansstagram while others charge by the number of sales or leads they create for the company. Instagram Of Advertising

Instagram is often hailed as the platform of social media that most influences the shopping habits of people especially in beautyInstagram fashionInstagram and style-related industries. It is therefore quite logical to launch Instagram ads that help connect users with your ecommerce products.

Whatever your goalInstagram whether salesInstagram to reach new audiencesInstagram or improving engagement on your posterstagram, you need to become familiar with the Instagram advertising.

Direct your own advertising campaign Instagram Is not that hard to instagram, but it can be intimidating to many companies that have not done before. If you just start with Instagram adsInstagram please visit our step by step guide to run your first ad campaign On Instagram. POSITIONS boosted BECOME THE STANDARD

With the organic range of stable declineInstagram it becomes much more difficult for companies to achieve a high level of commitment to their jobs without any kind of paid support or strategy. This is why more and more companies revive their regular Instagram messages to reach a wider audience.

While regular Instagram ads have been around for a while àstagram, they require a small level of expertise to start. Direct your own advertising campaign Instagram Is not that hard, but it can be intimidating to many business owners who have not done before.

The good news is that boost Instagram messages is super easy !

You do not need to create complicated Instagram your Facebook business manager as you do for other types of ads. All you have to do is create a post Instagram as you normally would and then press the button "Promote" once it is live.

Instagram already attracting a "like public" that you can share the toInstagram post or you can easily create your own audience in the application by choosing a interestInstagram rangeInstagram age and gender you want to promote.

Once your message was boostedInstagram it appears in the stream as a regular postinstagram the only difference being the notation "Sponsored" up and the call to action button. Track Your Success Instagram

To succeed with Instagram marketing 2018Instagram, you really understand your audience and performance of content. In other wordsInstagram you should start following your Instagram analytics.

Of course, dive into your Instagram analytics means more than simply discover what the videoInstagram photoinstagram or most powerful story. really understand how your content works - following key parameters over time is invaluable for developing a robust content strategy for Instagram.

For example, if you launch an Instagram account to an e-commerce business, you may want to investigate how different product photos are working against each other. By plotting the engagement data such as product reviews or clicksInstagram, you will have a clearer understanding about the type of product photos that work best.

Whatever your goal, track your Instagram analytics will help you better understand your wantsInstagram public.améliorez your contentInstagram and, ultimately, increases traffic and sales. Impression

Impressions are the number of times your video photoInstagram or your story has been viewed. This number includes users scroll by clicking in their feedInstagram through your company profile to see photoInstagram or view the content directly through Instagram DM.


As impressionsInstagram reach also shows the total number of views, but rather than calculate the total by your eyes contentInstagram it narrows down unique views of users only. On InstagramInstagram, these parameters will probably be very similar because of the lack of public sharing feature on the platform.

Commitment This is the total number of unique accounts that have likedInstagram commentedInstagram and saved a picture or a particular video. Note that it will not count the many comments from users userInstagram same could happen in the case of gifts where users tend to post several times to improve their chances.

Commitment Of Rate

The engagement rate is the percentage of Followers or viewers that engage with your posts. Generally Instagram if you want to calculate your average commitment rate for InstagramInstagram, you would divide the number of comments and I love your follower countInstagram that will give you a percentage.

Growth Of Followers

The native Instagram analysis in the application will tell you how many new followers you won this week dansstagram, but it does not allow you to see your follower growth over time. The follower growth is how many followers you have gained or lost a certain amount of timer is important to understand how quickly (or slowly) your account is growing. INSTAGRAM STORIES ANALYTICS

Despite its growing popularitéinstagram, few companies track and measure the performance of their Instagram stories. It may be that the commitment in history just is not as tangible as reference traffic or the number of Followers. But in all cases, set clear goals and KPIs for your Instagram content Stories is important if you want to make the most of the functionality.

Start by switching to a company On Instagram profile for further measures. With impressions and reachInstagram, you can also track the outputs and responses of your stories of the past two weeks.

And if you have the ability to add links to your Instagram StoriesInstagram, we recommend using a third party tool to track your clicks separately in Google Analytics (Instagram Insights does not currently following URL clicks on Instagram Stories). growth strategies for companies on Instagram

Now that we've covered some of the most important aspects On Instagram for businessenstagram look at three proven strategies for companies to increase their accounts.

Instagram hashtags became a controversial topic in 2017 with the "Instagram shadowban" which essentially hidden users messages to appear on hashtags. If you used the same 30 hashtags on and on Instagram Instagram would indicate as behavior " spammy ".

But Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more eyes on your Instagram content and creating a solid strategy Instagram hashtag should also be a priority for any business that wants to get more commitment on Instagram.

It is important to think about hashtags like categories. Where do you want your Instagram post come ? If you are an e-commerce company that sells sunglasses Instagram sun, it makes sense to use relevant hashtags that expose you to Instagram users who might be interested in buying your products.

In other wordsInstagram you must choose hashtags with a purpose. Instead of labeling messages with general hashtags such as # or # happyInstagram love, choose hashtags that describe your businessInstagram the purpose of your accountInstagram marketInstagram your target and your location. LAUNCH INSTAGRAM CONTEST OR GIFT


Organize an Instagram contest or gift is a fun and easy way to promote your business and gain visibility on Instagram.

If you are looking On Instagram effective competition ideaInstagram try to partner with another company or influencer. This is a great way to promote your Instagram contest both your audiencesInstagram and also share the followers of the other. Start searching for a cool company to join avecinstagram then organize a 3-5 day gift where Instagram users are rewarded with prices to follow both accountsInstagram and tagging friends in the comments.

Here is a quick analysis of our proven formula of the contest Instagram:

1. Partner brand or an influencer with a target market and a similar target audience

2. Choose a price that excites your community

3. If you are a partner in a influencerInstagram, ask them to hold the contest on their account (if you are a partner in a brandInstagram, you can determine the best account to organize the competition).)

4. Create clear rules: To enter danstagram follow @youraccount and @yourpartner and mark X # of friends in a comment

5. Run your competition for a short period of time, not more than 5 days in unstagram ideally 2-3 days

Once the Instagram contest is over and you have selected a winner or winnersInstagram, you should see a huge boost in your Instagram followers-but that does not mean your work is done ! You must pay attention to your new followers and make them feel part of your community. OtherwiseInstagram you may lose them. The new feature Instagram Stories Highlights is perfect to showcase your potential followers that you are ! Think of each peak as a movie trailer for your Instagram businessInstagram products or services.

The Highlights give you the opportunity to woo new followers with your best contentInstagram and give them an idea of ​​what they can expect and what your business is all about. PlusInstagram optimizing your stories HighlightsInstagram Instagram you can even make sales directly from a profile of people who do not even follow you !

Everything comes back to create an Instagram profile engaging. Your goals with the Highlights (as with your Instagram feed and bio) is to encourage new visitors to press the "Follow" button. By creating great highlights that show your appealInstagram brand you can easily convert new visitors into followers

As Instagram continue to grow and evolve as a marketing platform Instagram, it is more important than ever for companies to build effective marketing strategies Instagram. And that means having a thorough understanding of Instagram marketing landscape and measurable description of what works and what does not.

At the end of the day, companies of all types Instagram have so much to gain from building a presence on InstagramInstagram whether growing a communautésengagée dansstagram reach new customersInstagram or even make ecommerce sales.

It just takes a little effort !